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понедељак, 6. мај 2019.

Project title: Creativity and Innovation Day marked: World Media Day Teacher: Jasmina Janić School: Elementary school "Majur" City: Majur Country: Serbia Age of pupils: 9 years Activity description: Children around the world "take over" key roles in the media, business, sports and entertainment to help save their children's lives, fight for their rights and realize their potential. 1. Children's rights - Students draw cards with certain children's rights, illustrate them (Fine Arts). After work, we talk about every right (Time of the elder officer) and dramatize everyday situations (Serbian language), because it is much easier to experience the unpleasant experiences with acting than to tell them. 2. Let us be better toward one another - How can we be better toward one another? We talked about this topic, wrote on the stickers we put in the box, and later read and adhesive to the panel. We return to him every time there is a situation that needs to be solved. 3. Children's teachers - We did an activity by changing the places between the teacher and the student. The activity was useful in many ways, as the students were proud that the teachers were strengthening their responsibility, developing the public speaking skills, but at the same time they showed how difficult it was to conduct the teaching process. He personally used me for thinking about his own teaching strategies. 4. Hosted on Regional Television and Radio Sabac where children's rights and obligations were discussed and the most important thing was emphasized, that all people had the rights and that "my right should not endanger you".